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About Footix.io

Footixio is an awesome multiplayer soccer game where you can challenge players from all over the world and prove that you’re the best striker out there! Get ready to sweat and flourish while avoiding your opponents. Don’t let them take control of the ball or you’ll be left chasing it around like a mad dog. You can choose between 20 different characters that have unique running, dribbling and shooting abilities. Choose wisely as each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Once that has been settled, you can compete in one of many stadiums. 

Footix.io is a fast-paced online soccer game where the only rule is to win by collaborating with your teammates. Click "Tutorial" to learn how to play, then "Global Chat" to chat with people all over the world. Remember to establish an account to keep track of your statistics. Hey, Football friends! Do you love playing as a striker and scoring goals? Then this game is for you. In Footix io, you can experience the thrills of real football with your friends at your home without any risk of getting injured. This fast-paced multiplayer game will keep you and your friends on the edge of your seat. Prove that you are the best player by beating everyone in the arena and be crowned as the winner of the world cup. 

This one is a new Multiplayer Sports game that stands out from the rest of the pack because of its unique gameplay and cute graphics. Players are tasked with kicking an oversized soccer ball into the opposing team’s net using a variety of tactics and skills to try and win each round. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about This one including gameplay, tips, strategies, and much more! 

This one is a Multiplayer Sports game with cute graphics and easy mechanics. You have to kick the ball towards your opponent. Players take turns kicking the ball until one of them misses it. Footix.io is a multiplayer soccer game where the main goal is to outscore your opponent's squad. Slide and hurl a chair at your opponent, establish a goal with the help of your teammates, and use the "Global Chat" to communicate with the rest of the globe. Remember to create an account to save your information.

How to play

Move: WASD Run: Mouse Right Kick: Mouse Left Slide: Space Hey: E

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