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Tecmo Bowl


About Tecmo Bowl

Tecmo Bowl is arcade game and NES port were both successful. The NES version featured real NFL players. LJN's NFL was the first NES game to feature NFL team names, but it flopped. Due to this and the arcade version's scarcity, the NES version became more popular. In 2004, mobile phones got the NES version.

Tecmo (NES version)

The original arcade version had a large two-monitor cabinet, four-player support, and tackle-breaking. Only the Wildcats and Bulldogs are fictional. The arcade original had a larger color palette and more detailed sprites than the NES version.
The NES version had two instead of four players. One-player, two-player, and coach modes were available. In one-player mode, the player vs. the computer. After every win, the computer chooses a new team and the player stays with his/her original. In two-player and coach modes, the player and another human play one game, but the coach chooses the plays (which cannot be done in the arcade version).
Both playbooks had four offensive plays. Players can track their scores in the social section, which includes leaderboards and other stats. Try to make the FPS leaderboard today.