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World Cup 2022 Penalty Football Game


About World Cup 2022 Penalty Football Game

World Cup 2022 Penalty Football Game is an attractive online sports game in the world cup season. Only knockout-stage matches can go to extra time or a penalty shootout.

The World Cup has always been a source of inspiration and a ground for the most devoted soccer fans. And that’s just fine with us. After all, this year is our chance to take it to another level by becoming the first nation to win four consecutive world titles. So, how can we top ourselves? How can we become the ultimate penalty-takers? Start your engines!

How to play

Click the moving ball at the bottom. This influences the ball's direction (1st meter, bottom left), shot height (2nd meter, middle), and kick strength (3rd meter, bottom right)
An "x" flashes within the net to indicate where the opponent shoots. Click anywhere in the net to make your defender jump to block it.

How to play

Using Mouse

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