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Word Wipe


About Word Wipe

Word Wipe is a fast-paced, fun, and frenetic word game with a straightforward objective: players must form words by connecting individual letter tiles into horizontal or vertical lines.

The Search for Words
Find words on the board in order to play the game Word Wipe. To remove the tiles, you must first select the letters of the word. When the tiles are removed, the letters from the ceiling slide down into the space left behind. In a manner very similar to the game Boggle, it is possible to construct words by using letters that are adjacent to one another. The shortest possible length for a word is three characters.

Time Limit
When you play Word Wipe, you have a limited amount of time to complete each level, which means you have to move quickly if you want to succeed. As you progress through the levels, your objective will be to clear a greater number of rows. After you have eliminated all of the lines, the game will award you with a bomb that can be used to demolish whichever section you select.

Unique Mechanics
Word Wipe is a fantastic variation on the classic game of word search that allows for a greater variety of imaginative word combinations as a result of less stringent guidelines. These combinations are different for everyone because it all depends on which words you take out.

You are provided with a score at the conclusion of each level that details your best word, your highest level, and a variety of other interesting game statistics, allowing you to monitor your progression.

How to play

Drag left mouse button to link words.


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