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Vex 7


About Vex 7

In Vex 7 game! Control the stickman to overcome deadly obstacles, jump high over thorn tunnels, dodge daggers and even rocks

More Vex fun in this entertaining yet tough seventh Vex game. With your stickman, use parkour movements to leap across the dangerous hazards. Avoid spikes, flying knives, falling bricks, and other hazards.

The next iteration of everyone's favorite action-packed running game is called Vex 7. In this dangerous version of the classic runner game, your goal is to make it through each level while avoiding obstacles like spikes, shooting knives, and falling blocks. Make use of the double jump potion to access areas that were previously out of your reach, and stay away from any surveillance cameras that emit laser beams.

The game begins with a quick level map lesson that explains how to play as well as the key game mechanics and some of your stickman's characteristic moves.


How to play

The game begins with a brief level map instruction outlining the major game concepts and some of your stickman's distinctive moves, as with all Vex games.

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