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Tecmo Super Bowl


About Tecmo Super Bowl

In Super Tecmo Bowl, there is a wide variety of brand new music that plays during the game's play scenes, as well as brand new passing and running plays.

You are in charge of everything that goes on during the ultimate football season, from the teams to the players to the halftime shows. It's up to you, your team, and your skills from the very first preseason game all the way through the postseason. Do you have what it takes to compete in and win the Super Bowl? The only football game that includes onside kicks, blocked passes and kicks, fumbles, pitchouts to running backs, player injuries, timeouts, and a whole lot more is Tecmo Super Bowl. for either one or two players. All 28 teams in the NFL! a total of eight running plays and eight passing plays. statistics pertaining to the team. Make your own version of the Pro Bowl. In Coach Mode, you get to make all of the decisions!

The figures are very realistic. You'll get the actual NFL team logos because Tecmo Super Bowl is licensed by the NFL Players' Association. Based on the 1992-93 season, each team has 32 players and statistics. Because injuries are a part of Tecmo Super Bowl, there's even realism when your players CAN'T put up the numbers. Don't be surprised if your star player is injured and unable to play in the next game.

Tecmo, on the other hand, receives a five-yard penalty for some significant statistical flaws. For example, the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in 1993, but the computer predicted they would finish no higher than second in the NFC East each of the three times we played a full season against other teams. Furthermore, Joe Montana isn't on the Chiefs in this game, despite the fact that Tecmo claims their rosters were updated four months after he moved to the AFC. It was also snowing during a game against the Vikings in Minnesota. Guys, the Vikings play in the Metrodome.

How to play


Keyboard: Up-Down-Left-Right, X, Z, Enter, Shift