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Super Hoops Basketball


About Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball is the best basketball puzzle game you’ll play this year! You’re a kid in an alternate universe where everything is made of blocks. You love basketball so much that you spend most of your time shooting hoops and imagining you are in the NBA. Your dream comes true when you get teleported to another everything is made of blocks! Now this may sound crazy, but this place needs your help to become the best Basketball league ever. If you like puzzles, challenges, and retro-style graphics, download Super Hoops now! 

Super Hoops is an arcade basketball game with a unique twist. Let’s get ready to shoot hoops in this challenging clicker > Who wouldn’t love the combination of basketball and puzzles? In Super Hoops, you need to make the correct sequence of actions to complete the level. This is done by shooting baskets from different angles and distances. But beware, it gets trickier as you progress. 

Hoops is a challenging basketball game for smart players. Score as many points as you can by clicking on the column when it's green. But beware, it changes from green to red very fast! If you fail the challenge, you’ll have to start all over again! How far can you get? You will not be able to pass all levels, because this is a super hard Hoops puzzle game! 

Super Hoops is a basketball-themed puzzle game. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, with the primary goal being to shoot as many hoops as you can in 60 seconds. How? By clicking on areas of the screen to move your character and shooting him towards the basket. 

Super Hoops is a basketball-centric puzzle game. Your task is to find the hidden basket in each level and shoot the ball into it. There are many hoops with different properties, and each one needs to be approached differently.

How to play

Use the A and D, arrow keys or click on the screen to move the platforms


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