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Sudoku Master


About Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master is a classic puzzles. The object of the game is to fill the 9x9 square with the numbers 1 to 9 so that they do not repeat in the same column, row and square. This game trains the mind, develops logical thinking and attention. Sudoku Master has many levels, from novice to expert! Upgrade your Sudoku skills and become a Sudoku master!

In Sudoku Master, the goal is to put the numbers 1 through 9 in each box so that each number only appears once in each row, column, and mini grid. With our Sudoku app, you can play whenever you want and at different levels of difficulty. You can also learn how to play Sudoku. There are 1200 puzzles with four different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

When you change the level of difficulty, a new puzzle is chosen at random, so you never play the same one twice.

"Undo" lets you undo what you just did.

  • Erase: Takes numbers and notes out of the cells.
  • Notes: Write your notes in the empty cells.
  • Tips: Shows the correct number in the chosen cell.
  • Theme of light and dark.

Stats for each level of difficulty. Stats for the game include the number of puzzles solved, the average time, and the best time.

Think outside the box!

How to play

The goal of the game is to finish all of the levels, from beginner to master, so that your rating goes up and you reach the highest level of Sudoku skill. A field with 9x9 cells has 9 squares, and you need to put a number from 1 to 9 in each one. But several rules must be observed: 1. There shouldn't be the same number in more than one square. 2. You shouldn't have the same number in more than one column. 3. You shouldn't write the same number twice on the same line.

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