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Stumble Guys Jigsaw


About Stumble Guys Jigsaw

Stumble Guys Jigsaw is a fun and addicting puzzle game for kids and adults. The goal is to fit as many jigsaw pieces as possible into a grid by sliding them one by one. Try not to let the pieces slide underneath or the score you get will be zero. How to play: Use your fingers or mouse to drag and drop the pieces onto the grid. Make use of spacebars, number keys, left and right arrow keys or click on any piece to put it on that row or column in the grid. Make sure not to let any piece go beneath another pillar! Use your imagination and have a go at solving our fun puzzles. 

Do you like to challenge yourself and try something new every day? Have you ever wanted to support a great cause while still having fun playing games? If so, then StumbleUp is the website for you! All of our players love finding hidden messages in video games. The best part is, we can all do it by stumbling. 

Stumble guys is the cool and addicting game for kids and adults. Your task in this fun mobile game is to slide the wooden pieces into place so that you get a matched pair. The more wood you hit, the harder it gets, meaning that your skill will increase with every match. There are different board types and difficulty settings so that everyone can enjoy this fun game. 

How to play

Use mouse or touch the screen!


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