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Stick Soccer 3D


About Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D is a 2D soccer game where you and your opponent compete in tournaments to become the Stick Soccer Champion. You can choose one of several characters and play with them. In each tournament, you must defeat 5 different teams to be the winner and unlock the next championship as well as new clothing accessories for your character. Armed with a stick, one player becomes the keeper and the other plays as striker. Each of you has a football (soccer ball). You can play on your own or against another friend. To win, you need to score more goals than your opponent within the time limit.

Stick Soccer 3D is a fast-paced 3D football game with a twist. Instead of controlling players with your keyboard or mouse, you control them using a pair of virtual sticks; one for each player. It’s kind of like Hot Hands meets foosball. Players can either control their team from the viewpoint of that player, or as if they are them in third person view. This game is extremely enjoyable and simple to learn but difficult to master. The gameplay is very smooth and slick (pun intended). It features various training modes, single player tournaments, 2 players on the same computer mode, and leaderboards. 

Stick Soccer 3D is a 2 players mode capture the flag football game with stick figures. You will be able to select from different teams, and then proceed with the match. Each team has five players and you have to take the opponent’s flag while protecting your own. There are three zones on each side of the field and your team members cannot leave it. If you lose your flag, you have to go back to your zone to get it back. In this version, there are seven new levels and several improvements such as improved AI for computer-controlled opponents or enhanced graphics textures

Stick Soccer 3D is a fast-paced 2 player soccer game that you can play with your friends or family members. You control a puppet-like character and compete in a tournament against other puppets. Each team has its own set of skills, advantages, and disadvantages. In this game the yellow team is faster and has greater ball control while the blue team is slower but more powerful.

Stick Soccer 3D is an arcade sports game in which you play as a stick figure. You can either challenge friends or AI characters in a local multiplayer 2- Player mode, or test your skills with the numerous challenges in the single Player mode. We offer you to play Stick Basketball, Stick Football, Stick Hockey and now Stick Soccer. Show your skills and challenge the world! 

How to play

Instruction Player 1 and Player 2 use the same controls in turn; Use "LEFT-CLICK" on a player when your turn comes, and aim with your "MOUSE" and release to shoot.

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