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Slime Ball


About Slime Ball

Slime Ball is a two-player online game that simulates a football match between two slimes with unique powers. Each player puts on an air mesh vest and selects three balls.

Funky Jazzy 7 Minute Workout - Original Gameplay And New Levels 5 rated 4 stars based on 936 reviews Did you know that there is a seven-minute workout out there? Well, it’s legal and accessible. The only catch is it takes place in the distance and you can’t see it. You either do it or you don’t. This game is all about juggling. 

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This is a football game. You will play as one of several teams and try to score points by running your team towards the goal. The more points you manage to get, the better you will be at this game. 

How to play

Player 1 (Blue Slime) W: Jump A: Go left D: Go right Space: Shot Player 2 (Red Slime) Up Arrow: Jump Left Arrow: Go left Right Arrow: Go right P: Shot


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