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Riot Escape


About Riot Escape

That’s short for Riot Escape, and it’s the best way to get out of here. But linear escape doesn’t mean staying put. It means finding the fastest escape route and running for it. Are you ready? After a botched military operation, you're trapped in a prison cell. The guards are out in the corridor and they'll be back any minute. One of you has to make it out alive. The other one's already escaped! Quick. If you don't want to get caught, there's only one thing to do: find the right routes, avoid detection, and lerp to freedom. That's right, you read that right. LERP. Good. 

Escape the riot, find the way to the extraction zone and make it to the extraction zone alive! Facing a crowd of angry people and locked doors, you need to find a way out. But where do you even begin? You can’t go back and you can’t take the road that leads forward, so what’s left? Start running! Directly towards the extraction zone and hope you get there in time. Your fellow soldiers will be waiting for you with open arms. If only they weren’t in on this whole

Escape the riot! An android is stolen and you have to save it! Do you have what it takes? Guide your android through a treacherous and unforgiving urban jungle and find your way home. This riot is getting out of control and the only way to quell the violence is to lock everyone up. However, the only way to do that is to get the Android they’re all fighting over. But will you complete your mission and get out

A prison riot is in progress and you are one of the prison guards. Use your warden skills to lead the inmates back to their cells. Escape the prison with your life and the lives of your fellow guards. The prison is crawling with deadly traps, sieging enemies and angry inmates. Use your warden skills to lead the inmates back to their

When the prison goes on lockdown, you’re the only one who knows the passcode: a series of random letters and numbers. But can you work together with your fellow inmates to escape before the guards catch

How to play

Use WASD or the bolts to move and the mouse to tap on buttons.

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