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Retro Bowl 3


About Retro Bowl 3

Retro Bowl 3 is sequel of the famous football game for NFL fans. Choose a team and lead it through exhibition and regular season games until the final victory!

How to play

In the reto bowl game, you can play sports games from the past in a fun way. In the game, you have to take care of the train and make sure the defenders, kickers, and quarterbacks are always strong.

You can manage your team, come up with strategies for the game, and choose the right lineup to win. To get six points for a touchdown, you have to move the ball into the end zone of the other team. You can also kick the ball through the goal posts to score three points.

Set your lineup: You can have up to 11 players on the field at once, but only 10 of them can be active (the other one will be on the bench). Make sure your best players are on the field.

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