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Puzzle Block


About Puzzle Block

Puzzle Block game is a classic block puzzle with a modern twist. You’ll need to figure out how to place the blocks in the correct order to solve the puzzles. 

Do you like to solve puzzles? Do you like playing games? If so, then you might be interested in This game, a new game that’s just been released. This one is a puzzle game that lets you solve puzzles. You can access the game from your computer or mobile device. The puzzles are connected and there are many different ones to choose from. 

This game is a new, exciting game for all ages. It’s a perfect way to spend a few minutes and have some fun. The object of the game is to clear the board by putting blocks together so that no other block can reach the bottom. The more blocks you put together, the harder the game becomes. 

Puzzle Block is a fun and challenging online game that you can play with your friends or family. It's a simple but addictive game that will keep you busy for hours on end. With over 20 puzzles to choose from, this game has something for everyone. 

How to play

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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