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Police Chase Motorbike Driver


About Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is a tomfoolery and adventerous game to play. Appreciate free Police pursue motorbike game; effectively achieve all criminal getaway missions with genuine hoodlum bunch in insane city traffic and furthermore in the rough terrain undertakings, which are setting off fear in marksman shooting and pursuing. In rough terrain Police Moto Motorbike Chase shooting reenactment games, you will be engaged with invigorating fire free landmark or police pursue hyper motorbike game missions or practical police bicycle pursue cruiser game with various top crew rough terrain city criminals as shooter police moto bicycle official of shooter city driving reproduction games.

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is the game for people who are vigilant and ready to take on the evildoers. Follow your guts and catch the criminals who are acting horrendously in your city. Every mission has its own obstructions. Open bikes by completing missions and social occasion cash scattered across the city. You're the godlike of this city, so keep the convicts out. Go facing them and kill them if fundamental. Make an effort not to permit them to move away!!! In any case, with each Impact, you'll lose your bike's prosperity.

You are a police officer. You are chasing a criminal on a motorbike. You have to catch him before he reaches the end of the road. Drive your police car as fast as possible and avoid hitting other cars, road barriers, and people. How long can you keep up this chase before you finally manage to apprehend the criminal?  You are a police officer. You are chasing a motorbike driver. Your only weapon at this moment is a motorbike. You have to survive till the end of the chase and stop the motorbike driver. Drive your motorbike as fast as you can and avoid getting hit by the motorbike driver. Try to get as close as possible to the motorbike driver by swerving between the motorbikes and taking sharp turns. 

How to play

( Drive / Move Left ) Press A - ( Drive / Move Right ) Press D - ( Breaks ) Press SPACE - ( Drive / Move Reverse ) Press S - ( Drive / Move Forward ) Press W - ( Get in Car ) Press F - ( For Shooting ) Use Mouse Left Click - ( For Aim ) Use Mouse Right Click.

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