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Pinball World Cup


About Pinball World Cup

Pinball World Cup game is a fast paced, action packed arcade game, where you compete with your friends to see who can shoot and score more goals. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because you will have to use all your skills and precision to succeed. We won’t give you any further spoilers and let you discover this game on your own. Get ready for an epic battle between virtual teams from all over the world! 

Become the champion of pinball, and lead your country to victory. Your favorite game has become a sport! Choose your country, train your player and become the champion of pinball! How to play > Keep pressing the left and right arrow keys to keep the ball in play. Press up to jump with the ball or press down if you want to pass it backwards. If you want to shoot faster, press on left or right side of the screen. > The blue bar indicates how much time you have left until you’re kicked out of this match. In this pinball tournament, if you are not able >to score in 45 seconds, you will be removed from the competition. So stay focused at all times! Strategy tips > If your opponent is passing from behind their goalpost, don’t give them any easy shots – block them by guarding your net with both flippers. If they’ve got an open shot on your goal, get in their way by shooting at them (and cut off their

With the World Cup underway, it's time to put your soccer skills to the test! This one is a one-of-a-kind arcade game that combines soccer and pinball. Hit the ball in this fast, frantic and exciting arcade experience! With three different modes to choose from – Practice, Time Attack, and Tournament – you can play for as long or as quick as you like. There are also multiple difficulty levels so you can hone your skills and keep improving. The controls are simple but challenging: use your mouse to control both goalkeepers; left click to catch the ball and right click to shoot.

Soccer meets Pinball in this new arcade sports game. Pinball World Cup is a fast paced arcade style soccer game where you control a pinball and shoot balls at targets to score goals. Your objective is to win the World Cup by defeating all other national teams. Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds. To become victorious, you need to master the controls and make some awesome shots! P

In this game, you will be the captain of your own team. You are going to compete in the This game tournament and try to become the new champion of pinball! Choose a team and get ready to face other teams in challenging matches. Analyze their weaknesses and strengths, and plan your strategy accordingly. But most importantly – have fun! 

How to play

Hit the paddles to score goals


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