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About PillowBattle.io

PillowBattle.io is an entertaining online game in which you fight your opponents with pillows. Your objective is to run around and await the appearance of a pillow. When you see it, you must run to obtain it before anyone else. If so, you can attack your opponent and eliminate him from play. There will initially be nine contestants, but only one winner. If you do not grab the pillow first, you must flee as quickly as possible to survive the subsequent pillow spawn.

Are you ready for pillow battalion's third game? You know, the one where she races cars on the tracks in Le Mans and goes on adventures with her friends from school? The one where there are no adults in the way but an entire bunch of children instead? Because that’s what this game is! In this fun, action-packed game, you have several different tasks to complete. The first task will be to pick a participant to race with. Once you’ve picked a character, you can choose between either a boy or a girl. There are three race tracks in total: Happy Valley, Factory and Unicornis. Each track has a specific difficulty level which means that once you take on the first task, it unlocks the next task as well.


How to play

Instruction Follow the in-game instructions.

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