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Pill Soccer


About Pill Soccer

In Pill Soccer game, you and your friend will be facing each other in a virtual soccer field where you have to hit the ball with your head and score as many points as possible. This is no ordinary game of soccer, so get ready for some wacky action! In this challenging game you can only score points by hitting the ball with your head, but you better be quick or the ball will bounce off of your face and give the other player an opportunity to score.

What is more exciting than a one-on-one game? PILL SOCCER! Are you ready to enjoy this explosive moment? So, get your partner and be ready to face a challenging game. Do you know that the rules are simple and easy to follow? No matter how young or old you are, anyone can join this game. And the good news is: you don’t need any equipment to play this awesome game. 

Up for a challenge? This two player soccer game is the perfect test of your passing and shooting skills. You'll be tackling a new opponent every time you play this game because players swap positions regularly. Add in a football, rather than standard plastic soccer balls, and it's even more challenging! 

If you are bored in this summer, why not play some interesting video games? What about some soccer games? Soccer is a very exciting game and there are many fun ways to enjoy it. And that’s why we have made you this article! Today, we will show you the best 2 player soccer games so that you can pick the one you like most from these options. 

This is a fun 2 player soccer game. Each player has 5 balls. To score, you must hit the ball and get it into your opponent's net. 

How to play

2 Player Mode Player 1 Jump: "Up Arrow Left: "Left Arrow" Right: "Right Arrow" Kick: "P" or "Down Arrow" Super Bonus: "K" Player 2 Jump: "W" Left: "D" Right: "A" Kick: "S" or "Space" Super Bonus: "Z" QUICK PLAY or TOURNAMENT Your Control Jump: "Up Arrow" or "W" Left: "Left Arrow" or "S" Right: "Right Arrow" or "A" Kick: "P" or "Space" Super Bonus: "K"

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