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Nutmeg Football Casual HTML5 Game


About Nutmeg Football Casual HTML5 Game

Nutmeg Football Casual HTML5 Game is a hypercasual game that puts you in the cleats of a midfielder. You will take position and control the ball with your touch to pass it to your teammates or shoot it towards the goal. The aim of this game is to get as many points as possible before time runs out. You can score by passing or shooting the ball into the opponent’s net, or by getting an assist when someone else scores because of something you did. Each team has 5 players, so choose wisely who you are passing to and shooting at. 

In this light-hearted sport game, your objective is to determine the precise direction of the shot so that you can kick the ball from in between the other player's legs. If you don't watch carefully and make sure the ball never leaves the player's legs, you're going to come out on the losing end. The game will get progressively more challenging as it progresses, and it will put your soccer skills to the test!!!

Nutmeg Football is a hypercasual football (or soccer) game designed for mobile. The game is inspired by old school arcade hits like Hyperball, Digger and Hamster Ball. Your objective is to reach the other end of the field with a small ball while avoiding obstacles and catching bonuses along the way. Each level has its unique layout, forcing you to carefully plan your path if you want to succeed. With no time limits or lives, it’s up to you how quickly or slowly you play. 

Nutmeg Football is a casual game that brings together elements of football, billiards and bowling. You’re in charge of aiming the ball and kicking it in such a way that it goes through several obstacles and ends up in a hole. However, there are some twists: you only get three chances to do this! Once you miss or your ball falls off the edge, you have to start over again.

Nutmeg is a Casual Sports game where you play as a Football Player who runs around and kicks the ball. Your objective is to collect all the scattered golden balls, while avoiding being kicked by your opponents or running into walls. 

Nutmeg is a hypercasual football game for your phone. It’s quick and easy to play, but tricky to master. If you love football, or any sport for that matter, then you need to download this game asap!

How to play

Touch on mobile game or mouse on PC.


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