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Ninja Hands


About Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is an action game and you will become a first-person ninja, use your ninja powers to save the girls. Be the savior of Japan in this epic 3D action game. You are a ninja on a mission to fight against evil forces that attack and try to destroy Japan. The game is set in ancient times when ninjas were real and played an important role in protecting the country from invading enemies. Fight against monsters, save princesses, explore ancient temples, creepers and more. Enemies attack you with different weapons. Use your ninja skills to dodge their attacks, block them or strike back faster than they can react.

In Ninja Hands, you play as a ninja and your job is to destroy the castle by throwing exploding throwing stars at it. There are many obstacles along the way, from falling blocks to spikes. You have three lives, and if one of your ninjas falls into any of the hazards, it’s game over for that character. 

Let's play Japanese Ninja Action S! This game is a fast-paced, arcade style, side-scrolling action game. Your mission is to rescue the princess from the evil Red Devil and his army of zombies. To do that you need to be fast and quick as a ninja. You are playing as a red ninja and must use your sword, bow and arrow, shurikens, and bombs to get past all the enemies. 

Ninja Hands is an online 3D action game about a ninja who needs to break different blocks, walls and other objects by throwing shurikens, kunais and other kinds of Ninja Weapons in order to find the exit. Once you manage to get inside a room, there are different challenges waiting for you. You must destroy everything to find the exit.

How to play

Controls QWER = launch spells T or Y = special spell Hold the left mouse button = move direction Left-click = use in-game buttons

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