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About Minesweeper

Minesweeper has long been known as a simple game that rewards everyone to experience to kill time or relax effectively. However, it seems that the gameplay is simply not too complicated, but when you enjoy it, you will be immersed in minesweeping.

Minesweeper, also known by another name, Minesweeper or Bomb Removal, is a game built as an entertainment program for users using Microsoft Windows to be played on computers. This is also a game that is derived from the game Cube released in 1973.

Coming to Minesweeper, the player's task is to open all the squares without clicking on the boxes containing mines and if you click on the square containing mines, you will lose immediately.

Benefits of playing Minesweeper:

  • Relaxing and entertaining is extremely enjoyable.
  • Simple gameplay suitable for all types of players.
  • Kill time effectively.
  • Increase your thinking ability and calculation.
  • Learn more about your "luck".

How to play

To reveal the number of mines in the adjacent squares, click or tap on a square. A comprehensive tutorial is included.

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