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Gravity Soccer 3


About Gravity Soccer 3

Gravity Soccer 3 is a puzzle game to move the soccer ball into the goal. To accomplish each level, you will need to destroy the blocks and work through all of the problems. The objective of the puzzle game Gravity Soccer 3 is to get the ball into the goal as quickly as possible. To accomplish each level, you will need to destroy the blocks and work through all of the problems.

These cute little aliens need your help! They have been locked up in this prison tower and left with nothing but time on their hands. After a few experimental touches, they’ve realized that they can use their tentacles to play soccer with the ball located just outside of their cells. The Tower Warden is not so much an enemy as he is a helpful At least, that’s what we tell ourselves every time he catches us trying to escape again. 

You’re in control of a small ball with big aspirations of being the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen. The problem is that you’re trapped in an alternate dimension where the laws of physics don’t apply and you can only move left or right, as well as jump. You must avoid a series of traps and obstacles to reach your ultimate goal: The World Cup! The difficulty is cranked up to crazy levels here, so it will take some practice before you master this game. 

Welcome to Gravity Soccer 3, the best ball blasting game! Shoot and dodge your way past a series of tricky obstacles in this fast-paced arcade game. Score as many points as you can by hitting the ball into the basket and avoiding the obstacles. Each shot you take will reset after a few seconds, so think fast! Do you have what it takes to become a pro? Let’s see if you can score 20 or more points on all levels. 

There's nothing like the stress of a fast-paced sports match to get your blood pumping. When you're playing soccer, every moment counts and one wrong move could cost your team the game. However, this is not just any type of soccer – it's Gravity Soccer. Where the ball shoots towards you with insane force as soon as you let it go. 

In this game, you need to help a ball escape from the trap. To do this, you will have to switch the gravity and help the ball go up instead of down. This is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes easier. Each level offers new challenges and skills that you will have to master if you want to win. 

How to play

Touch/Click the objects to destroy.


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