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About Football.io

Football.io is a fun and exciting sports game where you control a character and try to collect gold balls and secret balls while avoiding white balls. Football.io is the name of the io game. To win, you have to compete with 3 other players and get rid of them. This game is easy, but it's hard to stop playing it. You have to catch yellow balls that are moving around among white balls. You need to move fast! You should try to get the yellow balls and avoid the white ones.

That’s because there are so many other sports to follow that come first in someone’s heart and home country. Football is a unique game with a unique history and it is this which makes it such a big deal across the globe. It brings people together from different races, religions, creeds, and backgrounds. 

The beautiful game has always fascinated people, from Teddy Roosevelt to the present day, there is a renewed interest in football around the world. The sport has evolved a lot in only the last few decades. The participation of women in football has increased significantly. 

How to play: Use mouse or arrow keys to play the game

How to play

Key Features easy to learn random bonuses kid-friendly easy controls Instruction Collect yellow balls and avoid white balls. Try to collect random bonuses that can increase your speed, replenish lost lives, make you invulnerable or slow enemy balls. Don't get fooled by transparent balls, they're still harmful!

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