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Football Killer


About Football Killer

Football Killer will be your little glimpse of heaven! Arrive at the most noteworthy potential levels in your football profession where the actual game is surprisingly destructive. Attempt to focus on different footballers to win each and every level that the game offers. Each resulting level is more diligently to win that the last, so make certain to kick the ball accurately to score an objective! There's beyond what enough levels and you can get many prizes, like another outfit for your personality. So come on, we should play!

This time you are playing football in a little unique manner with the soccer balls inside the Football Killer game. You will be the person who is shooting and attempting to kill the players, football officials, protections, and fans. There are a few explosives, sticks, needles, and so forth around that make your end simpler. The game comprises of various situations and levels. In the main situation, you will attempt to shoot and dispense with, and in the subsequent situation, you will involve dangerous balls for the disposal. Attempt to effectively finish the levels as a whole.

Football Killer, you need to place different players on the field. Each player has its own skillset and will influence how the game plays out! Try to find the best combination of players that can score a goal against your opponent. Once you’ve found a killer team, hone your strategy and plan each move. This is an exciting game with different strategies. You have to make sure that the players are in right positions or else it will bring failure. 

Do you love football? Do you like puzzles? Well, this game is here for you! This one is a challenging puzzle game that will test your reflexes and your spatial reasoning skills. You need to find ways to kill the football players before they reach the end zone. Sounds easy, right? Try it out! In this game, there are several levels with different difficulties and challenges. Keep an eye on the timer and move fast to avoid being caught by these angry football players.

This one is a arcade football game, shoot the ball and don’t let it touch the floor! In each level you have a limited time to knock down all your orange targets. You can pass through them or shoot them as you like. When all of them are destroyed, you move forward to the next level. There are three difficulty levels for everyone to enjoy: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Let’s explore your football shooting skills right now!

This one is a fun, addicting and challenging arcade game. It tests your speed, concentration and reaction. In This amazing game you need to shoot the ball into the goal of your opponent before he does it first. Sounds easy? Prove it! How fast can you react? How much focus do you have? This game will challenge your concentration and dexterity. You have only 60 seconds to shoot as many goals as possible.

This game is an interesting Football game. It is a mixture of strategy, puzzle and arcade. You need to find the best way to succeed in each level by taking into account all the factors. There are tons of puzzles waiting for you, can you solve them all? Let’s see how good are your observation skills.

How to play

Click and swipe your mouse to aim, release to shoot!


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