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Football Heads


About Football Heads

Football Heads is a program smaller than normal game, to be more exact it's a progression of games. By far most of games in this series are genuine global or public titles. Each new football season, beginning in 2014, is another game, where the rundown of contending groups or club changes, and the player setup is refreshed.The goalkeeper is the player who handles the goal in association football, often simply referred to as goalkeeping. They protect the goal by blocking or stopping incoming shots from the outside and from inside the penalty area. Their duties vary according to the dimension of the pitch and the particular league and federation in which they play. In addition to blocking, goalkeepers often have responsibilities forimetalically, short distances, and with or without the ball. In these roles they are required to use best football technique to intercept passes, save goals, and finish shots on target. 

Football Heads is tomfoolery and fast played 2D game in which large headed football players play one-on-one. Two football players, a little football field, two football objectives and a ball. All you want is to score whatever number objectives as could be expected under the circumstances and shield your own objective. To make this game more convoluted, there are conceivable changing weather patterns every once in a while (for instance, wind, downpour, snow). Disappointed enthusiasts of your rival might toss plastic containers at you.

In football, the goal is aIS an important part of the play, and many clever goals have been object of the game is to score goals by lISsocking the ball into the net from outside ofthe penalty area with the feet, dribbling with it LISsnestle it into the net from inside the penalty area or another LISsnestle it into an empty net from outside the penalty area with one leg. Some goal known as must pass over a line drawn at height of 2 ISnH above the ground called horizontal centre line or offside line before it can be touched by any player. It is illegal for anyone to touch or holdthe ball with his hands after it has been passed beyond this line by any other player without releasing it first. 

In soccer, the goalkeepers are the custodians of the goal. They are usually the only players who are allowed to be inside the area that is in direct line of sight from the outside, and they must stand far enough away from it so that a defender cannot sneak in behind them. With every shot on goal, there’s a lot going on at once. For example: Where did you position your goalie? Did you angle him towards his goal or have him face inwards? Did you have him look up to where your team’s striker was shooting from and get ready to dive? Did you choose to keep him stationary? The best soccer goalkeepers react to what’s happening around them by staying focused, making split-second decisions, and reacting with laser-like precision. These are all things that bighead equipment can help goalies do much more of! 

Are you the next big goalkeeping talent? Are you one of the many coaches and goalkeepers who are looking for a realistic training mode to hone your skills? Look no further than BigHead Soccer! This free android game is for all those who love to play football and want to be the best in their local club or on the national or international stage. In this android game, you will be able to practice over 100 different drills that will help you perfect your techniques and sharpen your reflexes. The drills are divided into categories such as drills for outfielders and goalkeepers, passing drills, one touch drills, shooting drills, saving drills, dribbling and agility exercises. 

The goalkeeper is the only player who can rule out an attempt on goal by stopping the ball with their hands. In order to be able to stop the ball consistently from high speed, great accuracy and great height, a goalkeeper must have good reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, goalkeepers need to be strong enough in order to grab the ball before it reaches them, while they also need to be athletic enough to move quickly and change direction. What are the main attributes required of a top quality goalkeeper? Here we will discuss some of the top 10 qualities that every top quality goalkeeper needs in order to succeed at the highest.

How to play

Move sideways and hop with the bolt fastens. Perform different kicks with the ball buttons. Score more objectives in the given time and dominate the game. Climb divisions and open all prizes. Irregular match powerups and player acts out are accessible.

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