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Football Head Sports - Multiplayer Soccer Game


About Football Head Sports - Multiplayer Soccer Game

Head Sports Football is the best Multiplayer football video game available to you. This is a head football game where you can choose from different characters, situations, levels of difficulty, and more. You have to be able to move, jump, kick the ball, and get to the goal while controlling your character. It's a very hard game, so try your best to score more goals than your opponents to win.

How to play

You can play against a computer opponent or a friend to see who is the better soccer player. To move your character around the field, use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys. Shoot the ball and try to keep it from going into your goal. Players can kick the ball with their feet or do a header to make it bounce off their heads. Hit the power-ups around you to change how the game works and make it more fun. Power-ups can make the ball bigger or smaller, slow down or speed up movement, change the weather, etc. To get out of the group stage, you must score goals and beat as many opponents as possible.

How to play

Using Mouse

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