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Fierce Shot


About Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot is a simple and enjoyable touch soccer game. Practice free kicks, sharpen your skills, and enter football tournaments. Fierce Shot is one of the best new football (soccer) games for boys to play online to start the new year. This sport is even more popular now than it was before the World Cup, and we have a feeling that this game will quickly become a top one for the day.

How to play

The text boxes that appear will instruct you on what to do. It is upgrade-based; that is, you collect points in matches and use these points to improve your player skills. Points are divided into two categories: skill points and money points. Skill points are more difficult to obtain. Other special abilities are locked; in order to use them, you must first unlock them by leveling up. Each special ability has a distinct appearance. The player will use the special ability if you draw this shape.


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