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Cookie Clicker


About Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an idle clicker game. Lick the funny cookie, get more cookies, buy upgrades, and you'll become the Cookie Emperor.

About Cookie Clicker

As was said above, people who have never played video games before are drawn to Clicker games because they are easy to understand. With just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes, players can quickly learn how to play the game.

Also, these games are made to be addicting because they make people feel both weak and strong at the same time. Each game can also be played on its own, which adds to its appeal. Since everything is getting better, you can be sure that you are getting better without having to play all the time.

Almost all Clicker games are free, which is the last thing to mention. You don't have to worry about fees when you play these kinds of games. Because of this, Clicker games are becoming more and more popular over time. Cookie Clicker is one of the most typical games in this category.

Cookie Clicker is a game for web browsers that was made by Orteil. It has levels that get harder as you go. The goal of the game is to collect as many cookies as you can (by clicking on the "Big Cookie" and purchasing production buildings).

Cookie Clicker is a well-known game that gets high marks from players of all ages.

How To Play


  • To make cookies, left-click on the cookie.
  • Left-click to buy items from the menu that will help you level up.
  • Try not to use hacks and extras.

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