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City Ball Dunkin


About City Ball Dunkin

City Ball Dunkin is an arcade style sports game that takes you on an endless adventure to discover new and fun ways to play the classic game of dunking a basketball. You’ll begin your journey in a beautiful, but small city with one central park. As you explore, you will encounter other cities that can be unlocked to further your discovery of new basketball courts and unique playing environments. Unlock new courts and environments by finding hidden secrets and beating challenging puzzles. Each court contains its own unique playing environment and set of baskets along with a set of objectives that must be met before unlocking the next level. This fun, addictive, and challenging game offers endless hours of exploration as you find new ways to dunk in every environment. 

From the makers of Box Up, Ball Roller, and Flappy Golf comes another endless ball game: City Dunkin! Test your skills and reflexes in this new exciting game that will test your balance, timing, and accuracy. When you start playing it seems like a simple basketball game with easy shots and baskets, but it gets very challenging as you advance through the levels. Aim for the basket and shoot. If you miss, try again! Make sure not to hit other players or the referee, as you will have to take another shot! Be careful also with those red guys: They’re guarding the hoop so they can stop your ball from going in! Avoid walls or barriers because they won’t let you pass through them. Keep an eye on those TNT boxes too; they’ll blow up if you hit them with your ball.

Throw the Basketball into the basket as many times as you can in this fast-paced and challenging Arcade Game. The ball will keep coming until either you miss or You Fail To Catch It. Each Time You Let The Ball Hit The Floor, Your Score Will Decrease By One Point. With Limited Time And Increasingly Challenging Scoring Restrictions, This Is A High-Strategy, Stress-Inducing Test Of Your Basketball Hand-Eye Coordination And Reflexes! 

It’s a cold winter day and you are sitting in your room all alone. You start thinking about all those happy moments you had playing basketball with your friends. It was so much fun, right? Now let’s get back to that feeling! The only thing you need is to play this new game – Basketball Dunkin. 


How to play

Dunk the basketball into each hoop


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