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About BMX Kid

Bmx Kid is a fast-paced and challenging 3D racing game with a slight inspiration from the Super Cross franchise. You will play as a kid competing in various local amateur tournaments against other kids and adults. To succeed, you will need to master various tricks, manage your boost and acceleration efficiently and above all stay focused on the track. Good luck! Play this addicting new game now and see how far you can get! The controls are simple, just accelerate with up arrow key or the left mouse button, and brake with down arrow key or right mouse button. Use W to make sharper turns or if you need to stop quickly. Press space bar anytime to pause the game. If you have problems at any point while playing press Esc key to access the menu.

This game is a fast-paced, addictive and challenging arcade racing game with simple controls and dynamic gameplay that will keep you coming back for more! Race against other players or AI, collect coins to upgrade your character or buy new characters, complete challenges to unlock new tracks, and much more. There are 10 different characters to choose from in This one. Each character has its own unique stats such as acceleration, top speed, handling and some even have special abilities. You can compete in 4 different arenas: Forest, City, Desert and Snow Mountain. 

Super Bikes: Arena Racing is an online 3 players and up to 6 players split screen racing game with high-end bikes, super fast racetracks, challenging jumps and traps. Get ready to be the first in the leaderboards of this cool racing game! Super Bikes: Arena Racing is a fun and challenging fast paced racing game for kids and teens where you can compete against your friends or random players from all over the world. Drive your motocross bike through tricky tracks, jump over insane ramps and shoot through shortcuts to beat the competition. Trick your opponents by throwing banana peels on their way to throw them off balance. 

Now is your time to stand up and be counted! Prove your courage and test your skills in this fast paced racing game. The goal of the This amazing game is to reach the finish line faster than your opponents. 

How to play

FORWARD BUTTON Pressing the forward button will cause the Bicycle to move forward at a faster rate. UP BUTTON: While you are riding, if an obstacle is in your path, press or tap the Up button to jump over it. Additionally, you can execute stunts by performing a double tap on the Jump key. You may also use stars to purchase extra lives and checkpoints for your character.

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