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Black Stallion Cabaret


About Black Stallion Cabaret

The goal of the puzzle game Black Stallion Cabaret is to vanquish the beast in under a minute so that the dancers can continue performing. You can improve the train, the weapons, and the dancers by combining items in the workshop.

What else do you need if you already have an armored train of your own? That's right, a whole carriage full of glamorous dancers! Take them across the country to entertain the public in towns, upgrade your ship, and repel monster attacks. The goal of the game is to take the dancers around the country and protect them from monsters. In the main game mode, you need to merge the items you create in the workshop to increase their level and improve weapons, dancers, and workshops.

You need weapons to fight the large number of monsters you will encounter on your way. Battles happen automatically. You have 30 seconds to eliminate a team of monsters. Dancers perform in towns and receive rewards including details for train carriages. With the details, you can buy new carriages and improve existing ones.

How to play

Using Mouse

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