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Basketball Beans


About Basketball Beans

Nineteen participants enjoy the online 3D game Basketball Beans to a perfect score. Basketball Beans is a third-person arcade game using 3D Beanman avatars rather than a simulation of basketball games. Basketball's fundamental principles state that you can win each game by scoring more points than your opponent's team. To catch the ball, shoot, and dunk in the corresponding distance, you only need to control one player. The missions Win 10 times, Dunk 20 times, and Finish 30 matches will all yield additional gem rewards. There are garments,

Do you remember playing bean-s or other similar games as a child? This challenging and exciting game can be your kids’ obsession. To play this game, you need to set up the board with 40 beans (20 red, 20 yellow). Red – the first team; Yellow – the second team. There are 3 players on each team. The two players from each team stand at their own side of the table, slightly behind their “home” end of the table, with one player on each end of that line (so there will be no ambiguity about which way to go when running). On your turn, roll the die and move accordingly. If you land on an empty spot, you can either: Hop Once to any adjacent unoccupied space (as long as it isn’t a corner);

Keep the ball away from your own basket in this challenging basketball game. Kids will love testing their dribbling skills and keeping track of the ball to avoid shooting it into their own goal. This action-packed game is a fun way to spend time with friends and family while getting active at the same time. Your kids will love this easy but challenging game that’ll get their blood pumping as they try to beat their friends or family members! So what are you waiting for? Challenge your kids and see who can last longest. 

Are you ready for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be an expert at all the basketball games? If your answer is yes, then let’s get started! In this fun and challenging game of basketball, you need to collect as many beans as possible in order to beat your friends. You can get more points by throwing the ball into the basket. But keep in mind that you only have limited opportunities to do so. With every successful shot, your score will go up, but if you miss, it will go down. 

Are you ready for some basketball? If you and your friends are ready for a challenge, then this game is for you. This challenging basketball bean game will test your knowledge of professional basketball. It’s so much fun, and it gets harder as you keep playing. Challenge yourself and see how many levels you can get to. 


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