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Red Ball Pool


About Red Ball Pool

Red Ball Pool is an exciting and innovative video game that puts a unique spin on the traditional game of billiards. Developed by a team of creative game designers, this game offers a fresh and entertaining take on classic cue sports, blending strategy, precision, and fun.


In "Red Ball Pool," players enter a vibrant and imaginative world where the objective is to sink red balls into pockets using a white cue ball. The game combines the principles of pool and puzzle-solving, challenging players to think strategically and execute precise shots to clear levels.

Key Features

  1. Vivid and Dynamic Environments: Explore a series of fantastical and whimsical levels, each with its own theme and challenges. From pirate ships to ancient temples, every environment offers a visually captivating setting for your billiards adventures.

  2. Unique Puzzles: Each level presents a distinct billiards puzzle. Players must strategize, plan their shots carefully, and use the environment to their advantage to sink the red balls into the pockets.

  3. Physics-Based Gameplay: "Red Ball Pool" utilizes realistic physics simulations to ensure that balls react as expected when struck. Mastering the angles, spin, and force of your shots is crucial to success.

  4. Power-Ups and Abilities: Discover power-ups and special abilities that can help you clear levels more effectively. These can include precision aiming, ball-splitting shots, and even the ability to manipulate the environment.

  5. Level Progression: Advance through a series of increasingly challenging levels that test your billiards skills and problem-solving abilities. Each level introduces new obstacles and mechanics to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

  6. Multiplayer Mode: Challenge friends or players from around the world in multiplayer billiards matches. Compete to see who can complete levels with the fewest shots or the fastest time.

  7. Customization: Personalize your cue ball and add unique visual flair to your gaming experience. Stand out on the pool table with a custom-designed cue ball.

  8. Leaderboards and Achievements: Compete for top positions on global leaderboards and strive to unlock various in-game achievements, adding an extra layer of challenge and replayability.

Graphics and Presentation

"Red Ball Pool" boasts colorful and visually captivating graphics that transport players into a whimsical and immersive world. The game's presentation, complete with dynamic camera angles and engaging animations, enhances the overall gaming experience.


Red Ball Pool is more than just a billiards video game; it's a delightful blend of cue sports and puzzle-solving set in a fantastical world. Whether you're a billiards enthusiast or simply seeking an entertaining and unique gaming experience, "Red Ball Pool" offers a refreshing and imaginative take on the classic game. Line up your shots, solve puzzles, and aim to sink the red balls in this captivating and challenging billiards adventure!

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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