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Wooden Fish


About Wooden Fish

Wooden Fish is a charming and meditative game that invites players to immerse themselves in the tranquil world of fishing. Developed as a relaxing and visually appealing experience, this game offers a unique take on the traditional fishing genre.


In "Wooden Fish," players assume the role of a skilled fisherman, navigating a picturesque lake or river filled with various aquatic life. Unlike many other fishing games, "Wooden Fish" stands out due to its distinctive wooden aesthetic and the absence of modern equipment. Instead, players rely on traditional methods to catch fish, fostering a connection to nature and serenity.

Key Features:

  1. Beautiful Wooden Aesthetic: The game's standout feature is its art style. Everything in the game is crafted to resemble wooden carvings, from the environment and fish to the fishing equipment. This unique visual style sets "Wooden Fish" apart from other fishing games.

  2. Intuitive Touch Controls: The game employs simple touch controls that make it accessible to players of all ages. Casting the fishing line, reeling it in, and adjusting the bait's depth are all done with easy swipe and tap gestures.

  3. Realistic Fishing Mechanics: While the game maintains a tranquil atmosphere, it also includes realistic fishing mechanics. Players need to pay attention to factors like the time of day, weather conditions, and the type of bait they use to maximize their chances of catching fish.

  4. Variety of Fish Species: The virtual waters of "Wooden Fish" are teeming with a diverse range of fish species, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. Catching different fish adds to the challenge and excitement of the game.

  5. Scenic Environments: The game features a selection of serene and beautifully designed fishing spots, each with its own unique atmosphere. Players can explore various locations, from serene lakes to rushing rivers, as they cast their lines and enjoy the scenery.

  6. Relaxing Soundtrack: To enhance the calming experience, "Wooden Fish" features a soothing soundtrack that complements the game's overall ambiance. The sound of flowing water and chirping birds adds to the immersion.

  7. Upgrade and Progression System: As players continue to fish and improve their skills, they can earn in-game currency to purchase better equipment, unlock new fishing spots, and advance their fishing career.

  8. No Time Pressure: Unlike many mobile games, "Wooden Fish" does not impose strict time limits or high-pressure situations. Players can take their time and enjoy the leisurely pace of fishing.

  9. Shareable Moments: The game allows players to capture and share their most memorable fishing moments, whether it's a particularly impressive catch or a breathtaking view of the wooden environment.

Wooden Fish stands out as a relaxing and visually stunning fishing game that appeals to both casual gamers and those seeking a break from the fast-paced nature of many mobile titles. With its charming wooden aesthetic, serene environments, and realistic yet accessible fishing mechanics, it offers a peaceful and enjoyable gaming experience that can be savored at one's own pace.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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