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Touchdown Rush


About Touchdown Rush

Touchdown Rush free online game is a sports game. It was inspired by Rugby. Now’s your chance. Show your ingenuity in this fast-paced sports game.

Game's unique feature

Simple control: You only need three buttons to control the athlete. The game has levels for players to choose from. It makes everything easy for beginners to play as well.

Vivid 3D Graphics: The game is designed with 3D effects. The opponent, the audience, and the light are also realistic and beautiful, giving the player the feeling of "being the real stadium."

Collect power-ups to boost speed: Let's add the speed boost power-up item to the game with the required properties to run faster. It helps players to play more and more points.

The sound of the game sounds like running feet, the referee's whistle, and the goal sound, which helps players feel like they're in a real ball game.

This game runs directly in your browser—no downloads, no registration to play.

Let's get started!

How to play

Tap or click the arrow on the mobile, tablet, or screen to play. Select the level.

Run fast and make it to the end zone to score and avoid opponents
. Use the arrows to move left and right to dodge and the spacebar to jump. Collect power-ups to boost your speed.

Score more points and rank up!

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