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Table Soccer Online


About Table Soccer Online

Table Soccer Online brings the beloved tabletop game of foosball to the digital realm, allowing players to enjoy the fast-paced and competitive world of foosball from the comfort of their devices. This online multiplayer game captures the excitement and strategy of foosball while adding a layer of customization and competitiveness that takes the classic game to new heights.


Table Soccer Online faithfully replicates the exhilarating gameplay of foosball, allowing you to control your team of miniature soccer players and attempt to score goals against your opponent. The game offers a seamless online multiplayer experience, allowing you to challenge friends or face off against players from around the world.

Key Features:

  1. Realistic Foosball Physics: Table Soccer Online boasts realistic foosball physics, ensuring that the ball behaves just as it would on a physical foosball table. Mastering the art of ball control and precision passing is crucial for success.

  2. Online Multiplayer Mode: Challenge friends, family, or opponents from across the globe in intense online multiplayer matches. Compete in various modes, including 1v1, 2v2, and tournaments, to prove your foosball prowess.

  3. Customizable Tables and Teams: Personalize your foosball experience by selecting from a range of different table designs, player figurines, and team colors. Create a table that reflects your style and preferences.

  4. Skill Development: Improve your foosball skills by practicing against AI opponents or participating in training modes. Perfect your shots, passes, and defensive strategies to become a foosball master.

  5. Leaderboards and Rankings: Climb the global rankings and leaderboards to showcase your skills and challenge the best foosball players in the world. Achieve top rankings and earn prestigious titles.

  6. Realistic Sound Effects: Enjoy the immersive sounds of foosball, including the satisfying clack of the ball against the players and the roar of the virtual crowd. The audio enhances the overall gaming experience.

  7. In-Game Chat and Emotes: Communicate with your opponents through in-game chat or use a variety of emotes to express yourself during matches. Forge new friendships and rivalries with players from all over.

  8. Regular Updates: Table Soccer Online is continuously updated with new features, tables, and game modes, ensuring that players always have fresh content and challenges to explore.


Table Soccer Online is a digital adaptation of the classic foosball game, offering an exciting and competitive experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you're a foosball enthusiast looking to hone your skills or a casual gamer seeking fun and social competition, this game has something to offer. With its realistic physics, customizable options, and the opportunity to challenge players worldwide, Table Soccer Online invites you to kick, pass, and score your way to victory in the thrilling world of online foosball. Get ready to become a foosball champion in this exciting digital recreation of a timeless tabletop classic!

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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