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Soccer Simulator


About Soccer Simulator

Soccer Simulator is an immersive and comprehensive soccer management game that lets you step into the shoes of a soccer club manager. In this strategic and engaging simulation, you'll have the opportunity to build and lead your dream soccer team to greatness. With a focus on tactics, transfers, and team development, Soccer Simulator offers an in-depth and authentic soccer management experience for enthusiasts and aspiring managers alike.


Soccer Simulator puts you in control of every aspect of managing a soccer club. From scouting and signing players to setting tactics and making critical decisions during matches, you'll navigate the challenges and rewards of soccer management. Your ultimate goal is to guide your team to success, be it in domestic leagues, international tournaments, or both.

Key Features:

  1. Club Management: Assume the role of a soccer club manager and oversee all aspects of the team's operations. Manage finances, facilities, staff, and more to create a thriving club.

  2. Realistic Soccer World: Soccer Simulator offers a vast database of real players, clubs, and leagues from around the world. The game's realism ensures that you'll encounter familiar names and teams as you progress.

  3. Player Development: Train and develop your players to improve their skills and abilities. Customize training regimes to maximize each player's potential and create a well-balanced squad.

  4. Transfers and Scouting: Scout new talent, negotiate player contracts, and make strategic transfers to strengthen your squad. Keep an eye on the transfer market for emerging stars and experienced veterans.

  5. Tactical Depth: Fine-tune your team's tactics, formations, and playing style to match your vision of the beautiful game. Adapt your strategies to counter opponents and exploit their weaknesses.

  6. Matchday Experience: Experience the excitement of matchdays as you make real-time decisions during matches. Substitutions, tactics adjustments, and motivating your players all play a crucial role in your team's success.

  7. Multiplayer Mode: Compete against other managers in online multiplayer mode. Test your managerial skills and tactical prowess against a global community of soccer enthusiasts.

  8. Achievements and Challenges: Earn achievements and tackle challenging objectives that test your managerial acumen. Completing these goals can lead to in-game rewards and recognition.


Soccer Simulator offers an immersive and authentic soccer management experience that allows you to live out your dream of leading a soccer club to glory. With its attention to detail, vast database of real-world players and teams, and a myriad of managerial decisions to make, the game provides hours of strategic gameplay for soccer fans and management enthusiasts. Whether you aspire to build a dynasty, lead your favorite team to victory, or prove your tactical genius in multiplayer battles, Soccer Simulator invites you to take charge and write your own chapter in the world of soccer management. Get ready to make the decisions that will shape the destiny of your club in Soccer Simulator!

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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