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Pokémon Team Planner


About Pokémon Team Planner

Pokémon Team Planner is a must-have tool for Pokémon trainers who want to elevate their game to the next level. Developed by devoted Pokémon fans and competitive players, this application empowers trainers to meticulously plan and fine-tune their Pokémon teams, enhancing their strategic prowess in battles.


While Pokémon Team Planner isn't a traditional Pokémon game, it serves as an indispensable companion for players engaging in Pokémon battles in various iterations of the series, including the mainline games and online competitive battles.

Key Features:

  1. Team Building: The heart of the app is its team-building feature. Players can assemble and organize teams of Pokémon from a vast database, including information on abilities, move sets, and stats. This helps trainers create well-balanced and synergistic teams tailored to their play style.

  2. Detailed Stats and Insights: Pokémon Team Planner provides in-depth information about each Pokémon, including base stats, abilities, types, and move pools. Trainers can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their team members and opponents, making it easier to strategize effectively.

  3. Movepool Recommendations: The app suggests optimal move sets for each Pokémon, taking into account type coverage, STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), and utility moves. This feature aids in optimizing the potential of your Pokémon.

  4. Type Effectiveness: A type chart helps trainers understand the interactions between different Pokémon types, ensuring they make informed decisions during battles.

  5. Online Battles Integration: Pokémon Team Planner often integrates with online battle platforms and simulators, allowing trainers to import their meticulously crafted teams and put them to the test against other players worldwide.

  6. Team Analysis: After battles, the app can analyze the performance of your team, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This feedback is invaluable for refining your strategies.

Strategic Excellence:

Pokémon Team Planner is more than just a tool; it's a resource that empowers trainers to excel in battles. By offering insights, data-driven decisions, and team optimization, the app contributes to a deeper and more rewarding Pokémon experience.


Pokémon Team Planner is the ultimate companion for Pokémon trainers who are serious about competitive play or simply want to enhance their adventure in the Pokémon world. With its comprehensive features, it helps trainers build and fine-tune their dream teams, ensuring they are well-prepared for any challenge that comes their way. Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon veteran or just starting your journey as a trainer, Pokémon Team Planner is your ticket to strategic excellence and competitive success in the Pokémon universe.

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