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Pokémon Team Builder


About Pokémon Team Builder

Pokémon Team Builder is an invaluable tool for Pokémon trainers seeking to construct winning teams, master type matchups, and strategize their way to victory. Designed by dedicated Pokémon enthusiasts, this application provides trainers with a comprehensive platform for assembling, analyzing, and refining their teams for battles across various Pokémon games.


While Pokémon Team Builder isn't a standalone game, it serves as an indispensable companion for players participating in Pokémon battles, whether in the mainline series or competitive online battles.

Key Features:

  1. Team Composition: The core feature of Pokémon Team Builder is its team composition tool. Trainers can create and organize teams using an extensive database of Pokémon species, moves, abilities, and items. This ensures that your team is finely tuned to meet your strategic goals.

  2. Type Matchup Analysis: The application offers detailed type matchup information, helping trainers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their Pokémon in battle. This knowledge is vital for making effective decisions during battles.

  3. Movepool Insights: Pokémon Team Builder provides guidance on selecting optimal movesets for each Pokémon on your team, considering type coverage, STAB, and utility moves. This feature aids in maximizing the potential of your Pokémon.

  4. Statistics and Analytics: Trainers can access comprehensive statistics and analytics for each Pokémon, including base stats, abilities, and typing. This information allows for precise calculations and strategic planning.

  5. Export and Import: The app often integrates with popular online battle platforms and simulators, enabling trainers to export their teams directly for practice battles and competitive showdowns.

  6. Feedback and Analysis: After battles, the app offers feedback and analysis of your team's performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. This data-driven insight is invaluable for refining your strategies.

Strategic Excellence:

Pokémon Team Builder serves as an essential tool for trainers looking to elevate their skills in the Pokémon world. It empowers users to make informed decisions, optimize their teams, and refine their strategies, ultimately leading to a deeper and more satisfying Pokémon experience.


Pokémon Team Builder is the ultimate ally for Pokémon trainers dedicated to competitive play or simply seeking to improve their adventure in the Pokémon universe. With its robust features, it streamlines team construction, enhances strategic planning, and ensures that trainers are well-prepared for any challenge they may face. Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon veteran or just starting your journey, Pokémon Team Builder is your gateway to strategic excellence and success in the world of Pokémon battles.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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