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Penalty Shootout EURO CUP


About Penalty Shootout EURO CUP

Squid Squad Mission Revenge always brings a feeling of suspense and tension to the player. In the game, you will be participating in the European football championship with famous clubs. Your main task is to defeat your opponent in five official penalty shootouts.

 To perform a penalty kick, you will click to select the direction, the height, and finally the force of the shot. And to block the opponent's shot, you need to quickly click on the circle icon at the goal to let the goalkeeper fly in that direction and catch the ball.

Game features:

-  Many different difficulty levels You can choose the top football teams in the world.

- Experience in both goalkeeper and player positions.

- The head football game is completely free, you can play it anywhere

Hope you have relaxing moments with PENALTY SHOOTOUT EURO CUP

How to play

Please use your keyboard or mouse to play.

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