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Learn To Fly 2


About Learn To Fly 2

In the game Learn To Fly 2, the main objective is to help a penguin learn to fly as far and as high as possible. The game consists of various levels and challenges that test your skills and strategies. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play the game and its objectives:

  1. Launch: At the beginning of each level, you will find the penguin standing on a ramp or an icy slope. Your first objective is to launch the penguin into the air. To do this, you need to adjust the angle and power of the launch by using the arrow keys or the mouse.

  2. Flying: Once the penguin is airborne, your goal is to keep it flying as long as possible. You can control the penguin's movement by using the arrow keys or mouse. Tilt the penguin to maintain balance and avoid obstacles in the air.

  3. Earning Distance and Altitude: As the penguin flies, it will accumulate distance and altitude. Your objective is to maximize both factors by staying airborne for longer periods and reaching higher altitudes. The farther and higher the penguin flies, the more points you will earn.

  4. Upgrade and Progress: As you earn points, you can use them to purchase upgrades that enhance the penguin's abilities. These upgrades include improved gliders, rockets, fuel tanks, and more. Upgrades will help you achieve greater distances and heights, unlocking new levels and challenges.

  5. Completing Challenges: Throughout the game, you will encounter various challenges and objectives that you need to fulfill. These challenges may involve reaching specific distances, altitudes, or performing certain maneuvers in the air. Successfully completing challenges will earn you additional rewards and unlock further gameplay elements.

  6. Reaching the Moon: The ultimate objective in "Learn To Fly 2" is to reach the moon. This is a significant milestone that requires advanced upgrades and strategic flying techniques. It serves as a long-term goal and a culmination of your progress in the game.

Remember, the more you play and experiment with different upgrades and strategies, the better you will become at flying and achieving higher scores. Enjoy the journey of helping the determined penguin fulfill its dream of flying!

How to play

using mouse

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