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Heads Up Skibidi


About Heads Up Skibidi

Heads Up Skibidi is a zany and uproarious head-ball game that combines elements of hilarity, physical comedy, and outrageous challenges. Designed for players who enjoy unconventional and comical gameplay, this game takes a whimsical twist on the traditional concept of a ball game.


In Heads Up Skibidi, players assume the roles of two characters with unique objectives: the Skibidi Head and the Poo Picker. The game's objective is a peculiar one: the Skibidi Head, wearing a blindfold, must attempt to head a ball into the Poo Picker's mouth. Meanwhile, the Poo Picker's goal is to dodge the incoming ball while simultaneously picking up as much virtual "poo" as possible.

Key Features:

  1. Absurd Concept: Heads Up Skibidi introduces a hilariously absurd premise that is sure to keep players laughing throughout the game.

  2. Two Unique Roles: Players can take on the role of either the Skibidi Head or the Poo Picker, each offering a distinct and entertaining gameplay experience.

  3. Blindfolded Challenge: As the Skibidi Head, gameplay becomes challenging and unpredictable due to the blindfold, adding an extra layer of comedy and difficulty.

  4. Dodge and Collect: The Poo Picker's objective is to dodge the incoming ball while collecting virtual "poo" items, creating a dynamic and frantic gameplay style.

  5. Competitive Fun: Play against friends or family in local multiplayer mode, where the laughter and competition reach new heights.

  6. Colorful and Whimsical Graphics: Enjoy vibrant and whimsical graphics that match the game's lighthearted and eccentric theme.

  7. Party Game Atmosphere: Heads Up Skibidi is perfect for social gatherings, parties, or any occasion where hilarious and unconventional gameplay is appreciated.


Heads Up Skibidi is an uproarious and unconventional head-ball game that promises laughter and amusement for players of all ages. With its peculiar premise, blindfolded challenges, and the comical objective of collecting virtual "poo," the game creates a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that is sure to entertain and bring out the fun-loving side of players. Whether you're looking for a unique party game or simply seeking a dose of absurd humor in your gaming repertoire, Heads Up Skibidi invites you to put on the blindfold, dodge the ball, and embrace the hilarity of this outrageous head-ball adventure!

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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