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Factory Balls


About Factory Balls

Factory Balls is a puzzle game where you need to replicate a specific design on a series of balls by applying various tools and colors. The game involves following certain steps to progress and earn points. Here's a guide on how to play the game and earn points:

  1. Objective: The main objective of "Factory Balls" is to create the required design on each ball by applying different tools and colors in the correct order.

  2. Tools and Colors: The game provides you with a set of tools and colors that you can use to modify the appearance of the balls. The tools include brushes, masks, and other objects, while the colors range from basic colors to more complex combinations.

  3. Design Replication: Each level presents you with an empty ball and a reference image or description of the desired design. You need to use the available tools and colors to replicate the design on the ball.

  4. Drag and Drop: To apply a tool or color to a ball, simply drag and drop it onto the ball. The tool will automatically apply its effect to the ball, altering its appearance.

  5. Order of Operations: The order in which you apply tools and colors is essential. Pay close attention to the reference image or description to determine the correct sequence. Start with the base color and then apply subsequent modifications in the required order.

  6. Undo and Restart: If you make a mistake or want to start over, you can use the undo button to reverse your last action. If you want to reset the entire level, use the restart button. Note that using these options may affect your score.

  7. Score Calculation: Your score is based on two factors: the number of actions taken and the time taken to complete the level. Try to complete each level with as few actions as possible and in the shortest time to earn a higher score.

  8. Level Progression: As you successfully complete each level, you'll unlock new, more challenging levels. The difficulty will increase as you advance, requiring more complex modifications to achieve the desired designs.

  9. Hint System: If you're stuck on a level, you can use the hint button to get a clue about the correct sequence of tools and colors. However, using hints will affect your final score, so use them sparingly.

  10. Experiment and Learn: "Factory Balls" is a game that encourages experimentation and creativity. Don't be afraid to try different combinations of tools and colors to see how they affect the appearance of the balls. Learn from each level to improve your skills and progress further.

Remember, the key to earning points and progressing in "Factory Balls" is to carefully analyze the reference image or description, apply the tools and colors in the correct order, and complete the levels efficiently. Enjoy the game and have fun creating unique designs on the balls!

How to play

using mouse

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