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Demolish derby


About Demolish derby

Demolition Derby is a popular vehicular combat game where players compete by smashing into each other's cars until only one vehicle remains operational. The objective of the game is to either outlast or outscore the other players by dealing as much damage as possible to their vehicles, while simultaneously avoiding taking too much damage yourself.

Players can participate in a variety of game modes, ranging from free-for-all battles to team-based matches. The game is typically played in an arena or closed circuit track, with obstacles and hazards such as barriers, jumps, and ramps to increase the level of destruction and challenge.

Demolition Derby is a game that tests a player's driving skills, strategic planning, and ability to adapt to changing situations. It is a thrilling and exciting experience that provides players with the chance to indulge in some chaotic and destructive fun.

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How to play

using mouse

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