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Death Penalty: Zombie Football


About Death Penalty: Zombie Football

Death Penalty: Zombie Football is a unique and thrilling sports-themed video game that combines two seemingly unrelated elements: soccer (football) and a zombie apocalypse. Developed by FlashFooty, this game offers players an exciting and unconventional take on the sport, injecting it with a dose of horror and survival elements.


In "Death Penalty: Zombie Football," players find themselves in a world overrun by zombies, and the only way to survive is by playing soccer. The objective is straightforward: score goals while fending off waves of undead attackers. It combines the skills required in traditional soccer games with the urgency of a zombie survival scenario.

The game typically features a series of penalty shootouts, where players must aim their shots with precision to evade zombie goalkeepers and score goals. The catch is that the player's teammates are often surrounded by zombies, and the player must use their shots not only to score but also to eliminate the undead threats.


  1. Zombie Variety: "Death Penalty: Zombie Football" introduces a variety of zombies with unique abilities. Some are slow and easy to evade, while others are fast and aggressive. These different zombie types add strategic depth to the gameplay.

  2. Power-Ups: To aid players in their survival efforts, the game often includes power-ups that can be collected during matches. These power-ups can enhance the player's shooting abilities, temporarily boost speed, or even provide special moves to eliminate zombies.

  3. Levels and Challenges: The game offers a series of levels and challenges, each with its own set of objectives and increasing difficulty. Players must adapt their skills and strategies as they progress through the game.

  4. Customization: Players can often customize their characters and teams, adding a personal touch to the game and enhancing the sense of immersion.

  5. Upgrades and Unlockables: As players successfully complete levels and earn rewards, they can unlock upgrades and new characters, further enhancing their chances of survival.

Graphics and Sound:

Death Penalty: Zombie Football typically boasts a dark and eerie aesthetic, immersing players in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dilapidated stadiums and menacing zombies. The visuals are complemented by spooky sound effects and a soundtrack that adds to the game's intense atmosphere.


While Death Penalty: Zombie Football may not have achieved the same level of mainstream recognition as some other soccer games, it has garnered a dedicated fan base who appreciate its unique blend of soccer gameplay and zombie survival elements. The game provides a fresh and entertaining twist on the sports game genre, offering players a thrilling and challenging experience that stands out in the world of online gaming.

In conclusion, Death Penalty: Zombie Football is an unconventional and exciting fusion of soccer and the zombie apocalypse. Its innovative gameplay, variety of challenges, and eerie atmosphere make it a memorable and enjoyable choice for gamers looking to experience soccer in a whole new light. Whether you're a soccer enthusiast or a fan of zombie-themed games, this title offers a captivating and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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