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Classic Backammon


About Classic Backammon

Classic Backgammon is a digital adaptation of one of the world's oldest and most beloved board games. With origins dating back thousands of years, Backgammon has stood the test of time, captivating players with its blend of strategy, skill, and luck. Developed for modern platforms, Classic Backgammon preserves the timeless charm of the game while offering players a convenient way to enjoy it, whether they are seasoned Backgammon enthusiasts or newcomers to this classic game.


Classic Backgammon is a two-player board game that requires careful planning, tactical skill, and a dash of luck. Here's a closer look at the captivating gameplay:

  1. Board and Setup: The game is played on a board divided into 24 triangular spaces, known as "points." Each player has 15 checkers of their color, and the objective is to move them around the board and bear them off before the opponent does.

  2. Movement: Players take turns rolling two dice and moving their checkers according to the numbers rolled. The checkers can be moved forward along the points, and players must strategize to advance their pieces while blocking their opponent's progress.

  3. Hitting and Blocking: If a point has only one checker, it is considered "open," and the opponent's checker can land on it, sending the opposing checker to the bar. Checkers on the bar must re-enter the board on the opponent's home board before continuing their journey.

  4. Bearing Off: As players advance their checkers to their home board, they can start "bearing off," which means removing checkers from the board based on the dice rolls. The first player to bear off all their checkers wins.

  5. Doubling Cube: Classic Backgammon often includes a doubling cube, allowing players to increase the stakes of the game by proposing a doubling of the current match's value.


Classic Backgammon offers various features to enhance the gaming experience:

  1. Difficulty Levels: Choose from different difficulty levels to suit your skill level, from beginner to expert.

  2. Multiplayer Mode: Play against friends or other Backgammon enthusiasts in local or online multiplayer matches.

  3. Tutorials and Hints: Learn how to play Backgammon with interactive tutorials and receive helpful hints during gameplay.

  4. Customization: Customize the board, checkers, and even the dice to create a personalized gaming experience.

Graphics and Sound:

Classic Backgammon typically features a clean and visually appealing interface with 2D or 3D representations of the board and checkers. The sound effects and background music add to the overall ambiance, creating a pleasant and immersive gameplay environment.


Classic Backgammon is a timeless game that continues to captivate players around the world with its blend of strategy, skill, and luck. Whether you're a seasoned Backgammon player or new to the game, Classic Backgammon offers a convenient and enjoyable way to engage in this ancient pastime. Challenge friends, hone your strategic thinking, and experience the enduring appeal of Backgammon in the digital age.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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