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Car Smasher!


About Car Smasher!

Car Smasher is a simple arcade game that requires car smashing skills and fast reactions. A dynamic, rigged-out RC car racing experience where players twist and turn, grind and gear up, doing airborne acrobatics and stunts while piling up points as they race to the finish in an unusual location is made possible by real-time physics, creative stunts, and next-generation graphics. As you sprint to the finish line, crash into unaware tourists. The action-packed bumper car gameplay, which takes place on a lovely resort island, turns the peaceful backdrop into an exhilarating racetrack.

The evil car smasher has broken free from prison and is coming for you! Defend your city from this menace by locking him up as many times as possible! Capture the car smasher for as long as you can to earn achievements and unlock newSFeatures. Unlock awesome power-ups like the convict motorcycle, gold coins, double speed, and more! Car Smashers is an HTML5 Casual Game created by FlashGamesOn. net Use arrow keys to move around the map. Press X to lock the target car smasher in its cage. If a car smasher tries to escape, press X again to extend the cage. Watch out for falling spikes! The longer it takes to trap them, the more points they get. If a car smasher escapes within 5 seconds of getting loose, it scores double points. 

In this HTML5 Car Smasher game, you need to destroy all the cars that they drive in this city by shooting them with your cannon. This is a great and fun car smasher game. The point of the game is to shoot all the vehicles that are driving through the city by smashing them with your cannon. There will be various vehicles driving through the city. You need to shoot all of them before they make it out of sight. The player needs to avoid hitting buildings or other cars while aiming at a target. 

The game is a car racing game with simple controls and physics. The player needs to control their car and smash as many cars as they can in order to gain coins and unlock new cars, characters and tracks. Smashing cars gives the player money that they can use to unlock more cars or upgrade existing ones. You can also use your coins to upgrade your collision power or change the color of your car. 

In this game, you have to drive a car and try not to smash into anything. Use the left and right arrow keys to maneuver your car. The up arrow key is used to accelerate and the down arrow key is used for braking. Be careful! Cars will appear from random places on the road. Keep an eye out for them! If you smash into any cars, the game will be over. 

How to play

To move left or right, click and drag with your mouse.

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