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Basketball Only Beasts


About Basketball Only Beasts

Prepare to witness an extraordinary fusion of basketball and untamed wildlife in Basketball: Only Beasts. This game redefines the world of sports by introducing a unique blend of athleticism, strategy, and nature. Step onto the court with teams comprised of powerful beasts and experience the thrill of basketball like never before.


Basketball: Only Beasts offers an exhilarating basketball experience with a twist. In this game, you'll form teams of mighty beasts, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Your objective is to outmaneuver your opponents, make strategic plays, and score baskets while harnessing the raw power of nature.

Key Features:

  1. Beastly Teams: Assemble teams of extraordinary creatures, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. From towering giants with incredible dunks to agile predators with lightning-fast steals, the diversity of beasts adds depth to your roster.

  2. Unique Abilities: Tap into the unique abilities of your beastly players. Some can sprint at incredible speeds, while others possess unmatched strength for rebounds and blocks. Strategically deploy these skills to dominate the court.

  3. Dynamic Courts: Play on a variety of courts set in breathtaking natural landscapes, from lush jungles to icy tundras. The environments not only provide stunning visuals but also impact gameplay as the courts present unique challenges.

  4. Power-ups: Collect power-ups scattered across the court to temporarily boost your team's abilities. These power-ups can turn the tide of a match, providing exciting moments and tactical advantages.

  5. Campaign Mode: Immerse yourself in a captivating story-driven campaign where you lead your beastly team through a series of challenges, rivalries, and tournaments. Uncover the mysteries of the animal kingdom as you progress.

  6. Multiplayer Competitions: Challenge your friends or players worldwide in thrilling multiplayer matches. Show off your strategic prowess and the might of your beastly team in real-time competition.

  7. Customization: Personalize your beastly players with a wide range of skins, jerseys, and accessories. Create a unique look for your team to intimidate your opponents.

  8. Leaderboards: Climb the global leaderboards to prove your dominance in "Basketball: Only Beasts." Compete for the top spot and earn your place among the legends of the wild courts.


Basketball: Only Beasts reimagines basketball as a thrilling encounter between the world of sports and untamed nature. With its roster of powerful beasts, unique abilities, dynamic courts, and engaging multiplayer competitions, this game offers a fresh and exciting take on the sport. Are you ready to lead your team of wild athletes to victory and show the world that on the court, the only true competition comes from the beasts in Basketball: Only Beasts?

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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