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Basketball: Cerceaux de tir


About Basketball: Cerceaux de tir

Basketball, a globally beloved sport, has inspired countless variations and adaptations over the years. One such exciting variation is "Cerceaux de Tir," a game that adds a unique twist to traditional basketball. Cerceaux de Tir, which translates to "Shooting Hoops" in French, combines the thrill of basketball with the precision of shooting hoops through a set of circular targets. This innovative variation adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game, making it a popular choice among both players and spectators.

The Rules:

Cerceaux de Tir retains many of the basic rules of traditional basketball but introduces some key differences that set it apart as a unique sporting experience.

  1. The Court: The playing court for Cerceaux de Tir is similar in size to a standard basketball court, complete with a hoop at each end. However, the defining feature of this game is the addition of circular targets (cerceaux) placed at various locations throughout the court. These targets are of different sizes and heights, adding complexity to the game.

  2. Scoring: In Cerceaux de Tir, players earn points by successfully shooting the basketball through one of the circular targets. Each target has a different point value, with smaller and higher targets typically being worth more points. The standard hoop is also in play, with the typical two or three-point scoring system.

  3. Gameplay: Teams consist of the same number of players as in traditional basketball, typically five on each side. The game begins with a jump ball, and players dribble, pass, and shoot as they would in regular basketball. However, the added challenge is to aim for the circular targets while avoiding defenders. Players must use strategy and precision to maximize their team's score.

  4. Time Limit: Games are typically played in quarters, similar to traditional basketball. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. To add suspense, there may be a shot clock to keep the pace of the game brisk.

Benefits and Appeal:

Cerceaux de Tir offers several advantages and appeals to both players and spectators:

  1. Skill Development: The game requires exceptional shooting accuracy, enhancing a player's shooting skills and overall basketball proficiency.

  2. Strategy: Teams must develop unique strategies to maximize their score, balancing traditional hoops with the circular targets.

  3. Spectator Engagement: The presence of multiple scoring options adds excitement and unpredictability, making it an engaging spectator sport.

  4. Inclusivity: Cerceaux de Tir allows players of various skill levels to participate and contribute to their team's success, as shooting through a target can be as valuable as scoring through the standard hoop.

  5. Entertainment: The game's innovative nature and creative scoring system make it an entertaining and visually appealing variation of basketball.


Basketball: Cerceaux de Tir is a captivating variation of the beloved sport that adds a new dimension of excitement and challenge. With its unique combination of traditional basketball elements and circular targets, this game provides an engaging experience for players and spectators alike. It is a testament to the enduring appeal and adaptability of basketball as it continues to evolve and inspire new variations around the world.

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