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Bad Soccer Manager


About Bad Soccer Manager

Bad Soccer Manager is a humorous and satirical take on the world of soccer management simulation games. Developed by a team of clever game designers, this game offers players a chance to experience the chaotic and comical side of managing a soccer team. Instead of focusing on realistic soccer management, "Bad Soccer Manager" takes a lighthearted approach, injecting a healthy dose of humor into the gameplay.


In "Bad Soccer Manager," players take on the role of a bumbling and inept soccer manager who has been put in charge of a struggling team. The objective is not to lead the team to glory, but rather to see just how hilariously bad things can get. The game presents a series of challenges and absurd scenarios that players must navigate, often with disastrous results.


  1. Incompetent Team: Players must manage a team of players with comically low skills and bizarre personalities. Expect to encounter players who can't kick a ball straight, constantly feign injuries, or have unusual quirks that make them challenging to work with.

  2. Outlandish Events: The game is filled with random and outrageous events that can occur during matches and in the locker room. From UFO sightings disrupting games to players accidentally swapping uniforms with the opposing team, expect the unexpected.

  3. Absurd Decisions: As the manager, players must make decisions that are often hilariously bad. Choices range from bizarre tactical strategies to comically unorthodox training methods.

  4. Pratfalls and Mishaps: "Bad Soccer Manager" embraces slapstick humor, with players witnessing their team's comical pratfalls and mishaps on and off the field. These include players tripping over their own shoelaces, scoring their own goals, and getting into ridiculous arguments with referees.

  5. Offbeat Commentary: The in-game commentary is provided by a team of sarcastic and deadpan announcers who poke fun at every misstep and bizarre occurrence during matches.

  6. Progression System: Despite the constant chaos, players can strive for some form of progress, such as attempting to move up the league rankings, acquiring increasingly odd sponsors, and unlocking absurd achievements.

  7. Fan Interactions: Engage with an array of eccentric fans, from overly enthusiastic supporters who dress in ridiculous costumes to conspiracy theorists who believe in bizarre soccer-related conspiracies.

Bad Soccer Manager revels in its absurdity and provides players with a refreshing break from the seriousness of traditional soccer management simulations. It's a game where failure and chaos are not only expected but celebrated, making it perfect for those who want to experience the lighter side of sports management. With its zany characters, offbeat humor, and unpredictable events, "Bad Soccer Manager" offers a uniquely entertaining and laugh-out-loud gaming experience for soccer fans and casual gamers alike

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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